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Side Hustle to Limited Company, Our Journey So Far.

RC Laserworks Ltd is now a registered company, running from a commercial premises. Although that wasn't always the case.

In 2018, as a fresh faced 23 year old, our now Company Director Richard C Barnes made the decision to set up RC Laserworks on the side of his full-time career as a welder/fabricator. (RC is named after Richard's first and middle initial)

The idea came when Richard noticed a large amount of micropubs and small batch distilleries opening throughout the UK, all of which were working very hard on their branding. He also noticed that there was a definite lack of branded glassware to coincide with the increasing popularity.

After researching the different ways glassware can be branded, Richard came across laser etching which would allow much lower minimum order quantities than the printing process, and also discovered all of the different materials laser machines can work with. He then decided to inquire and book demonstrations with a number of laser machine manufacturers, and ordered his first laser machine from Trotec Laser UK.

The first workspace was nothing special. It was actually a 8ft x 6ft spare room at his home, where he would often etch glasses into the early hours. Operations were eventually moved into his double garage in 2020, and a second laser machine was added.

This allowed RC Laserworks to add more services than purely glass etching, and, using Richard's fabrication experience, start producing laser cut profiles, control panels, and custom safety signs for the engineering and manufacturing industry.

Early 2021, after a few years of serious graft, RC Laserworks was at a point where it became impossible for Richard to work a full-time job and run RC Laserworks as a side business. So he made the decision to leave his 10 year career, and focus solely on RC Laserworks. This is where things really started to take off.

In October 2021 RC Laserworks transitioned from a sole trader business to a full blown registered company, and moved into it's first commercial premises at the same time.

Now April 2023, RC Laserworks Ltd are making plans to add a larger format laser to our growing fleet of machinery, which will allow us to produce bigger engravings and profile cut-outs, at a lower price.



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