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Plastic & Acrylic Laser Cutting

We offer a number of double layer plastic laminates and acrylics in a range of colours, finishes and thicknesses, making the manufacturing process as pain free as possible. See our 'Laser Materials' pages for more info.

Acrylics / Perspex | PETG | HIPS | Plastic Laminates / Traffolyte | And more...

Maximum Material Thickness - Laser cut <20mm acrylics

What we do

RC Laserworks Ltd offer a fully operational laser engraving and  laser cutting service.

We currently have three high spec laser machines operating in our workshop.

This allows us to run multiple jobs at the same time, and also allows us to complete larger orders quickly and efficiently.

From Design To Finished Product

Our in-house design department allows us to create professional laser profiles, from something as simple as a sketch on paper.

Delivery Throughout the United Kingdom

Benefits of Laser Engraving

  • Permanent

  • Highly Versatile - Can work with a wide range of materials

  • High Precision - Has a resolution of up to 1000ppi

  • Contactless Engraving - Drastically reduces the chance of damaging parts

  • Cost Effective - Generally less expensive than CNC rotary engraving

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Step 1:

Email Us With Your Enquiry

and Artwork/Designs

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Step 2:

Receive Your Quote From Our Sales Team

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Step 3:

Production and Quality Checking Begins

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Step 4:

Receive Your Order Via Our Trusted Couriers

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