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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Place An Order?

Simply Contact Us with a description of the project you're looking to have completed, along with a file or drawing of your project if possible.

Which File Formats Do You Need Designs In?

When it comes to laser work, whatever file is sent to the laser, is exactly what it will create.

Because of this, poor quality or pixelated images will produce a poorly detailed engraving.

To ensure the best possible quality of engraving, we work with black and white bitmap or vector files

(For Example: .AI .EPS .CDR .DXF .DWG etc)

We can usually find a way to use high quality .PDF files, however these will need to be turned into a vector file, which we can do in house.

Is There a Difference Between Etching and Engraving?

Only a slight difference. Etching usually refers to the surface mark which is produced on materials such as glass and stone. Whereas the term engraving is usually used when referring to the removal of material, where some depth to the design is produced. This occurs on materials such as plastics and woods.

Can You Engrave In Colour?

Unfortunately engraving can not be done in colour.

However we may be able to colour infill on certain designs and materials.

Colour infill is where engraving is filled with a coloured acrylic paint.

How Much Does Custom Laser Engraving & Cutting Cost?

Due to so many varying factors such as: material, quantity, size of area to be engraved or cut, we can't give a definitive figure to cover all jobs.

Instead, each enquiry is priced as per the job requirements, with a single 'Job Setup' fee per order.

When deciding which laser engraving company to use, there is more to consider than the final price.

"Buy cheap, buy twice" can definitely apply to laser work.

There will always be somebody who will complete your project cheaper than your other quotes. However a laser cutting project with poor quality materials, ragged cut edges, or deep burn marks will often need to be reworked. Potentially resulting in your project needing to be redone by a different laser company, costing more than your initial quote.

At RC Laserworks Ltd we only use the highest quality laser machines on the market, allowing us to produce high quality engravings, fast.

Can You Deep Engrave Metals?

Unfortunately we can't do deep engravings on metals.

However we can use a marking spray on certain metals, which bonds to the metal as the laser passes.

Resulting in a hard-wearing black surface etch.

We then wash off any excess marking spray with water, so we do need to consider whether water could cause damage to the item being etched.

For example pocket watches or lighters may become water damaged.

If You Have Any Other Questions Please Don't Hesitate To Contact Us

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