hi balls & tumblers

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Sizes Available: 285ML, 340ML

Supplied in packs of: 45

Crafted with a minimalistic, yet sophisticated design, our custom branded hi-ball glasses are ideal additions to any stylish front of house. They are made with a straight bowl that sits easy within the hand and features a thick glass base that aids in reducing the risk of knocks or spills

  • Dimensions: 285ML 126mm x 65mm, 340ML 151mm x 64mm

  • Glasswasher Safe

Etched Hi-Ball.jpg


Sizes Available: 430ML

Supplied in packs of: 22

One of our more stylish and multi-functional tumblers, with bowed sides to increase aroma. Perfect for gin, vodka, rum, or to use as a simple water glass.

  • Dimensions: 88mm x 110mm

  • Glasswasher Safe


Islande Rocks

Sizes Available: 200ML, 300ML

Supplied in packs of: 22

These Islande tumblers have a classic straight-sided design, perfect for bars, whisky tasting, restaurants and hotels. These attractive, well balanced tumbler glasses are great for serving everything from soft drinks to spirits

  • Dimensions: 200ML 83mm x 70mm, 300ML 93mm x 79mm

  • Glasswasher Safe

Etched Islande Rocks.jpg


Sizes Available: 270ML, 370ML

Supplied in packs of: 22

Our most elegant glass tumbler with gracefully bowed sides and a heavy base for an undeniably stylish design.

  • Dimensions: 270ML 96mm x 78mm, 370ML 106mm x 83mm

  • Glasswasher Safe

Etched Endessa.jpg