Champagne & Prosecco

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Solar Champagne

Sizes Available: 170ML

Supplied in packs of: 45

Excellent value for money. Our Solar champagne flutes are high quality, without the high price tag. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, and weddings

  • Dimensions: 170ML 195mm x 67mm

  • Glasswasher Safe

Etched Solar.jpg


Sizes Available: 160ML

Supplied in packs of: 22

Mineral champagne flutes are the highest quality flutes we have on offer. Complete with innovated technology to maintain a constant stream of bubbles, releasing the full flavours of the champagne or prosecco. Perfect for fine dining, high end hotels and events.

  • Dimensions: 160ML 223mm x 55mm

  • Glasswasher Safe

Etched Prosecco.jpg


Sizes Available: 140ML

Supplied in packs of: 45

Perfect for large toasts and celebrations. This Champagne flute features a sturdy foot to help prevent it from being accidently knocked over. The glass is perfectly sized for serving 125ml glasses of sparkling wines including Champagne, Prosecco and Cava and has a durable rim that resists chipping when glasses are clinked.

  • Dimensions: 140ML 157mm x 55mm

  • Glasswasher Safe

Etched Boule.jpg