Bulk Glass Etching Service

Without The Large Minimum Order!

RC Laserworks specialise in supplying custom branded glassware for bars, breweries, distilleries, hotels, events, and many more throughout the United Kingdom.

Whether you're looking for practical pint glasses, traditional whisky tumblers or elegant champagne flutes, we have something to cater to almost any need and any budget.

Frequently asked questions

What Is Etching?

Typically done by sandblasting or laser machine, etching is a traditional way of marking and branding glassware, which has advanced dramatically in recent years.

Why Choose Glass Etching Via Laser?

At RC Laserworks we only use top of the range and up to date laser technology. We find etching with a laser is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective way of customising glass in small-medium bulk, whilst also producing a higher quality finish than other etching processes.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, the glass is placed onto a rotary bed within the laser machine. Next, a highly concentrated beam is transferred through an optical lens and projected onto the glass. Now the laser and rotary bed work in sync, with the laser head moving rapidly along the X axis, marking the glass, as the rotary bed slowly rotates.

After approximately two minutes the etching process is complete. The result is a high quality, frosty appearance of your chosen artwork.

How Do I Place An Order?

Simply Contact us, stating the glass: type, name, size (ML), and quantity of glasses you require.

Rather than a simple 'Add to basket/Checkout' system, we prefer to deal with clients personally. We feel this is the best way to provide you with exactly what you're looking for, and the best way to provide our already highly rated service.

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